When Spirit Calls: Buy the book here


When spirit calls, it’s not just the living who answer.

Psychic medium Elle Gordon has been called to the Gateway Ranch & Resort. A rogue spirit is tormenting the undead, preventing their cross overs. Using her connection to the other side, Elle is determined to stop the attacks. If only the hunky hotel manager, Caspian, would stop disturbing her process and focus. A shared goal of saving spirit convinces the couple to work together. Acknowledging and accepting their mutual attraction, their new bond amplifies their powers. But will that new strength be enough to put an end to the rogue spirit, or will it destroy them all?

Uncovering Austin: Coming Soon

To land a promotion as Vice-President of Soul Images, Bethany Wilson, will take on the tough jobs, including public relations for Nashville’s bad boy, Austin Grant. She packs up her crew and heads to the set of Next Big Nashville—if anyone can turn his sour grapes outlook into fine wine, it’s Bethany.

Being a child star and transitioning it into adulthood has made Austin an expert at dealing and deflecting media hounds, but learning Bethany Wilson is the head of the team following him triggers bad memories. Her mother held him against his will when he was eight, and Austin still can’t trust reporters. It’s difficult not to see Holly Wilson when he looks at Bethany, and he’s doing a lot of looking. Her charm and resourcefulness soften his heart, but when he sees her interviewing the small child of a contestant, history rears its head and reminds him the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Can Bethany break through the walls of the tough as nails cowboy and prove she’s not the rotten apple?